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Ну, и раз уж я все равно взялся покопаться в kml-файлах - греческий круиз 2007 на Google Maps.
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[ profile] d_falcon и [ profile] kinuski праздно гуляют по Акрополю с длинными объективами, охотятся за другими туристами. [ profile] d_falcon замечает удаляющуюся забавную парочку.
- Эх, не успел сфотать! - сокрушается он.
- Хочешь, я свистну? - предлагает [ profile] kinuski.
[ profile] d_falcon поднимает камеру, [ profile] kinuski оглушительно свистит. Весь Акрополь замирает и поворачивается на свист. [ profile] d_falcon делает снимок.

Эх, надо было не крупный план снимать, а панораму...

Акрополь на Google Local.
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За неделю пиво Mythos (Μυθος) приедается страшно.
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Излишнее рвение при съемке ведет к излишним затратам времени при обработке.
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Yesterday morning it was +24o, today -2o. Welcome back to Finland, vacation is over.
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Athens, Acropolis. Approaching American tourist points at my camera and asks:
- Is this the camera you can take nice pictures with?
- Yes, I can take.
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Aigina. Perhaps least impressive harbour during our trip. Town looks cheap, however prices are higher than on the other islands. Perhaps Aigina is spoiled by people sailing from Athens for a weekend. Coming and leaving every 30 minutes hydrofoils add spice to process of mooring.

Today was no wind at all, stopped to swim in a small clean and cosy bay. Almost saved the day.

N37o44.66 E23o25.59.
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Poros. Long sunny embankment along a narrow channel. The town looks lovely at a first glance.

N37o29.61 E23o27.74.
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Tiny specks of salt coat absolutely everything.

N37o25.973 E23o32.818.
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Harbour on Hydra island. Had our first good wind today (and remember the barracuda). :-)

N37o21.10 E23o28.00.
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First fish. That's barracuda! Credit to Denis.
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Ermioni. Today was a gennaker day.

N37o23.24 E23o15.68.
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Perdika, Aigina island. Too little wind today.

N37o41.43 E23o27.06.
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Leaving marina. First experience: boat with Russian crew doesn't give us way in a narrow channel.
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Filling water tank before leaving the harbour we found out two things.
1. Water tank cork leaks - now we have 100-200 liters of fresh water in the bilge.
2. Electric bilge pump is broken. Now they're replacing the freaking pump.

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Athens, Kalamaki. It takes at least three hours to check charter boat at Kiriacoulis...

Taverna Vasilis, one waitor looks like Antony Quinn's Zorba The Greek.

N37o54.839 E23o42.064.


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